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We believe art and creative expression are critical for the emotional, intellectual and spiritual health of the whole individual and the entire community.

ArtThread supports the CHYP Summer Camp

Made by a CHYP camper using Splash!

ArtThread joined our new partner CHYP (Creative Healing for Youth in Pain) in providing this virtual summer camp, designed specifically for youth living with chronic pain and illness.

“The camp offers a safe and supportive environment where creativity knows no boundaries.”

The ArtThread team provided training, mentoring, and our online artmaking tool Splash as a way to inspire and empower these young people to embrace their artistic talents and find joy in self-expression. The images above and below are just a few of the many wonderful pieces created by the campers, using Splash!

Made by a CHYP camper using Splash!
Made by a CHYP camper using Splash!

After the ArtThread team completed the camp sessions, Ashely Matejka, Executive Director of CHYP, said:

“Your role as workshop facilitators was pivotal in shaping the experience of our campers. The concept of creative healing is truly powerful, and your expertise in guiding campers through Splash was instrumental in helping them discover new ways to express their creativity.”

We are scheduled to provide more creative expression workshops to these young people in the coming year. Thanks again for your help and support.

Made by a CHYP camper using Splash!
Made by a CHYP camper using Splash!

Much love to our new partners and you, from the ArtThread Team!

Patients get new laptops from ArtThread!

Margaret enjoys her new laptop

These moments are so special for us. It is wonderful to see someone’s face light up because they now have a piece of technology that most of us take for granted. Our latest recipient of a laptop is Margaret Shaddox, a patient at UF Health/Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida. (Follow this link if you would like to make a contribution to help us continue this project!)

Margaret faces a long road to recovery from a serious operation, and with the help of Discharge Facilitator Kathleen David, we were able to learn about Margaret’s challenge. Kathleen mentioned that Margaret was far from home, and she would be in the hospital for a long while.

Kathleen and Margaret

Kathleen and Margaret

“My family is in Panama City – a long way away – and we did not have a good way to stay in touch while I’m here in Gainesville,” said Margaret. “I had to come here for this operation, and my daughter wanted to Skype with me.”

New ArtThread laptop!

New ArtThread laptop!

Margaret will be able to do more than Skype with her brand new Dell touch-screen laptop. She can play games, watch movies, and of course get creative online with ArtThread’s art-making tools and the interactive gallery. We discovered that she was not very familiar with computers, and that’s where Clinical Leader Marsha Crane stepped in to help.

Making art with Splash!

Making art with Splash!

“I have volunteers who come in regularly, and we’ll make sure they create Margaret’s new Facebook and Skype accounts,” said Marsha. “We’ll take good care of her!”

Marsha steps in to help

Marsha steps in to help

We were so pleased to see this level of support, and to see Margaret’s eyes light up when she discovered she could play Solitaire. “I love it!” she exclaimed.

Playing solitaire

Playing solitaire

The ArtThread team understands the importance of maintaining a thread of connection back to all that is familiar during the physical and psychological stress of diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Our communication in life and the way we share and present our journey is all part of our creative process.

Many families don’t have an extra portable computer to take to the hospital, and the financial burdens of illness and travel often prohibit the purchase of an additional one.

Margaret enjoys a Beatles video!

Margaret enjoys a Beatles video!

Our spirits, particularly during intense times in our lives, thrive on the support of our family and friends.  Patients need a way to connect themselves to their tribe—a connection that engenders smiles, belonging, and hope—all absolute necessities for optimum healing.

This is why we delegate some of our resources to give away free laptops. Please lend a hand by making a contribution!


ArtThread welcomes new pARTner: Schott Communities

We love bringing new organizations into the ArtThread family, and we had a wonderful day of training with the folks at Schott Communities. They are using their customized ArtThread Gallery as part of their already strong art program, adding an online component that allows sharing all over their Broward county (FL) community.

Schott team

The Schott team practicing on Splash!

This non-profit organization  was founded in 1986 to address the needs of persons who are deaf or who are physically or intellectually challenged. Unique to Florida, Schott Communities develops residential housing for the deaf or disabled; designs programs to assist clients develop skills for independent living; offers clients counseling services and educational programs to promote self-sufficiency, and provides clients with social, recreational and spiritual opportunities to enhance their quality and enjoyment of life.


Ileana and friend

Ileana Ramirez-Cueli, Executive Director, works with a client

This pARTnership with ArtThread features a gallery that is part of Schott’s Art Therapy program where individuals of all ages and abilities explore their own creative response to the challenges of living with a disability.  They paint with hands, feet, mouth or headgear – whatever means is available to them.  This program now offers the opportunity to unleash everyone’s imagination and discover the world of computer art and graphic design.


Art from the Gallery

Art from the Schott Communities gallery














ArtThread helps to celebrate 15th anniversary of the Early Learning Institute

One of the joys we get in working with our pARTners is witnessing and helping them reach important milestones. The Early Learning Institute (ELI) of Sonoma County celebrated their Quinceañera Anniversay on Saturday May 3, and the ArtThread team was there in full force.


Jay shows how to use SplashOver 250 people attended this gala event, and ArtThread provided ArtStations where attendees got a taste of how ELI uses their interactive gallery to work with young children who have learning disabilities. The light bulb went off for everyone who got their hands on the touch screens and started to draw: using Splash is fun and brings instant success!

“We are so proud to be helping ELI do the work of improving family dynamics and enhancing learning for these young children,” said Jay Klein, ArtThread CEO, “and this joint program is an example of how support from our donors allows us to help other organizations delivery important services to people in need.”

Everyone in attendance had a story to tell about how important ELI had been to their family or their friends, and the ELI staff did a wonderful job of organizing the party, which was modeled after the traditional quinceañera celebration — the celebration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday in parts of Latin America.


ELI staff members

This ELI pARTnership enhances their Tech n’ Tots program, a technology and creativity-focused support program designed to expand and enhance children’s access to play, communication and ultimately their social connections through the use of high tech devices, including iPads, smartphones, and computers. The goal of this data-driven project is to use art and creative expression to offer a means of positive self expression and interactivity for parents and children.


“It is critically important to help them believe in the self-agency of their child and to support them in viewing their child as someone who will make his or her mark on the world,” said Michelle Rogers, Executive Director of ELI. “ArtThread is a concrete way to highlight how creative and expressive any child can be when given the right tools.”


Kids art for sale

The dedicated staff at ELI is using ArtThread tools with 600 young children and their families, and together they have created hundreds of pieces of art that reflect this shared experience and demonstrate the growth of both the program and the creative process for the kids.

This pARTnership program is ongoing, and we will be gathering data on how the creative process impacts the family dynamic and the learning process for these young children. We’ll keep you posted!





Splash! – Now on iPads!

Using Splash on IOS devices has been the number one request from our pARTners, and we’re pleased to share the good news – you can now do it!

We discovered a browser that bypasses the no-Flash policy of Apple’s iPads and iPhones, as well as certain Android devices. This browser is called Photon, and it is available in the Apple App Store. Once you install this app, you will be able to use Splash on your iPad! read more…

ArtThread partners with the Early Learning Institute

“Children see magic because they look for it.” –Christopher Moore

Looking for and finding magic is what our new pARTnership with the Early Learning Institute (ELI) of Sonoma County is all about.  ArtThread is helping ELI add new technology and training to their Tech n’ Tots program, a technology focused support program designed to expand and enhance a child’s access to play, communication and ultimately his/her social connections through the use of high tech (iPads, smartphones, computers, etc.) and low tech (pictures, icons, texture and touch cues, etc.) resources. read more…

ArtThread’s Colors of Care™ program begins at Superior Residences in Ft. Myers

Colors of CareThe ArtThread Foundation is launching their Colors of Care program at Superior Residences in Ft. Myers, Florida. Colors of Care is ArtThread’s innovative, experiential arts program that combines online technology, hands-on art-making, dedicated creativity mentors, and comprehensive training into a unified approach that improves quality of life for residents in assisted living and memory care facilities, and their families. read more…

ARTWorks Exhibit at Frost Museum features ArtThread art made by students in Miami-Dade art therapy program

Last week Jay and I had the great privilege of attending the gallery opening of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools Clinical Art Therapy Department’s “ARTWorks” exhibit, at the Frost Museum. We were stunned by the fantastic work being done as part of this art therapy program – both the wonderful creativity of the students, and the stellar programming and support provided by the staff of art therapists. read more…