We serve students with emotional and physical disabilities, veterans and their families, elders in memory care centers, and anyone with a need to be creative.

The ArtThread Foundation makes art and creative expression more available to everyone, especially those impacted by chronic and acute illness, physical limitations, and difficult social circumstances. ArtThread uses the universal reach of technology to inspire the creative process and enhance life and learning while using the spirit of social entrepreneurship to help other organizations fulfill their mission.

Our work with schools focuses on students with disabilities, providing them with customized online art-making tools accompanied by  ArtThread’s training curriculum for teachers. These creative activities lead to student empowerment and a sense of accomplishment.

ArtThread Programming:

Education/TrainingCustomized curriculum and training programs for our pARTners, including creative, entrepreneurial, and life skills.

TechnologyThe ArtThread Interactive Online Galleries include Splash!, the ground-breaking, no-fail, art-making application. Each ArtThread pARTner gets a customized Gallery to suit their needs.

Research: Online tracking and assessments support outcomes-based research on learning disabilities, as well as art, physical, and occupational therapies.

ArtThread’s Peer Mentor Program trains high school seniors to be mentors to younger students with disabilities. Teachers get a new learning modality, mentors learn to establish relationships with kids they might not otherwise meet, and the younger ones get a chance to make art in a safe, no-fail environment.

Flowers blooming

“The students took to the Gallery...

…right away. They love experimenting with all the variations in brushes and colors, and they especially love to share their work with each other.”


“ArtThread has opened up a new way of expression for him...

…he is very creative and his interests are in graphics and writing. This program is helping him tap into this creativity.”

“The first week the girls were not too receptive...

…one or two refused to even turn on the computer, but by the last week they were all creating and didn’t want the classes to end!”

“Art Thread is a positive and effective program...

…in which students are able to explore their creative capabilities and to envision and engage in a wider community.”

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