We are proud that the national office of VSA arts chose ArtThread to receive the 2009 Outstanding Community Partner Award. This honor comes from our work with the VSA arts of Florida (VSAFL), one of the most effective VSA affiliates in the country.  Together we created the Work of Art program, a hands-on training program that teaches technical and entrepreneurial skills to artists with disabilities.

VSA FloridaWe have to thank Marian Winters, Executive Director of VSAFL, for recommending us and for being such a great partner to work with.  “ArtThread truly made the Work of Art program come alive, and we are so glad that we created this partnership with them,” said Winters.
“Everyone at VSAFL helped to make the Work of Art program a wonderful success,” said Jay Klein, ArtThread’s CEO.  Artists have uploaded over 600 pieces of art to the VSAFL/ArtThread Interactive Online Gallery.

“VSA arts works with a network of affiliate organizations across the country, that coordinate comprehensive programming in their respective states, working to increase educational opportunities and access to the arts for people with disabilities. These organizations develop strategic and program partnerships with organizations and individuals to increase their reach and impact in their states. Each year, VSA arts and its affiliates recognize the organizations and individuals who help make their work possible.”  Read more