Remember that Bill Cosby routine where the surgeon says, “Oops”?  Not what you want to hear at that moment.  But during the creative process those “oops” moments can be the spark that sets you down a new path.

In the latest issue of his wonderful newsletter “The Painter’s Keys,” Robert Genn writes about artists and mistakes:

“Don’t assume mistakes are a bad thing.  Don’t think for one minute that everyone agrees with what “good” is… Don’t fall into the trap of thinking perfection is attainable or even desirable.  Don’t assume the existence of error.”

We know error can exist, but Robert points us toward a clearing of the mind when we embark on something new.  By forgetting the possibility of error we open ourselves up to the the possibility of the creating something totally fresh.  This works for art in all its forms – making breakfast, arranging your desk, or dipping your brush into that first bit of paint.

Dive in – you can’t make a mistake!