Art is not sacred (really, it’s not), and on the ArtThread Gallery we have tools to make mashups of images, including ways of making subtle changes that make a big difference.

Mashup Splash

A few brush strokes in this photo of a butterfly, and we’ve got a whole new face.  This feature is part of Splash!, and you’ll find it in the Shape tool.

This image is from an artist (remember, we are all artists) in Project 10: Transition Education Network, the primary conduit between the Florida Department of Education and transitioning students with disabilities in Florida public schools. Project 10 is one of ArtThread’s favorite partners!

ArtThread’s faculty provided the Work of Art training program to the staff of Project 10, as well as over 100 teachers, administrators, therapists, and tech support people.  These ArtThread mentors are training students and other teachers on using all the features of the Project 10 – ArtThread Gallery.

Providing opportunities for creative expression and art-to-art conversations for these students is right in line with our mission.  It’s great to play a part in helping these students and teachers connect, create, and thrive!