As a 40-year cancer survivor, ArtThread’s CEO Jay Klein was the logical selection as keynote speaker for the 2nd annualTesticular Cancer Awareness Foundation (TCAF) fundraiser in Grand Junction, CO.

“It was an honor to speak at this event because I am passionate about helping to save lives,” said Jay. “Getting the word out about testicular cancer is crucial, and the TCAF does great work in getting young men to understand the importance of self-exams.”

Jay at TCAF

The event is the main yearly fundraiser for TCAF, and it was a night of inspiration, education, and appreciation. In addition to Jay’s keynote presentation, renowned oncologist Dr. Craig Nichols was also a guest speaker. Dr. Nichols successfully treated Lance Armstrong for testicular cancer and he is a founding member of theLivestrong Foundation.

TCAF CEO Kim Jones is the driving force behind the organization, which she founded after her son was diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer. “My passion now is to help other families and young men from missing the signs of testicular cancer and help save lives. I cannot imagine having to deal with the death of a child, husband or brother to this disease,” said Kim.

TCAF is dedicated to educating young men on the importance of early detection through the practice of monthly testicular self-exams, just as women are taught to detect early signs of breast cancer through monthly breast self-exams. These self-exams should be part of the health classes taught at the junior  and high school levels.

The photo above shows Dr. Nichols, Kim Jones, and Jay Klein. Congratulations from ArtThread on this successful event!