One of the joys we get in working with our pARTners is witnessing and helping them reach important milestones. The Early Learning Institute (ELI) of Sonoma County celebrated their Quinceañera Anniversay on Saturday May 3, and the ArtThread team was there in full force.


Jay shows how to use SplashOver 250 people attended this gala event, and ArtThread provided ArtStations where attendees got a taste of how ELI uses their interactive gallery to work with young children who have learning disabilities. The light bulb went off for everyone who got their hands on the touch screens and started to draw: using Splash is fun and brings instant success!

“We are so proud to be helping ELI do the work of improving family dynamics and enhancing learning for these young children,” said Jay Klein, ArtThread CEO, “and this joint program is an example of how support from our donors allows us to help other organizations delivery important services to people in need.”

Everyone in attendance had a story to tell about how important ELI had been to their family or their friends, and the ELI staff did a wonderful job of organizing the party, which was modeled after the traditional quinceañera celebration — the celebration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday in parts of Latin America.


ELI staff members

This ELI pARTnership enhances their Tech n’ Tots program, a technology and creativity-focused support program designed to expand and enhance children’s access to play, communication and ultimately their social connections through the use of high tech devices, including iPads, smartphones, and computers. The goal of this data-driven project is to use art and creative expression to offer a means of positive self expression and interactivity for parents and children.


“It is critically important to help them believe in the self-agency of their child and to support them in viewing their child as someone who will make his or her mark on the world,” said Michelle Rogers, Executive Director of ELI. “ArtThread is a concrete way to highlight how creative and expressive any child can be when given the right tools.”


Kids art for sale

The dedicated staff at ELI is using ArtThread tools with 600 young children and their families, and together they have created hundreds of pieces of art that reflect this shared experience and demonstrate the growth of both the program and the creative process for the kids.

This pARTnership program is ongoing, and we will be gathering data on how the creative process impacts the family dynamic and the learning process for these young children. We’ll keep you posted!