A Place for Grace

Every child deserves a little grace – help us deliver the ArtGrace Initiative!

With your help we can provide a custom ArtThread Interactive Gallery for our kids.

A Place for Grace

By providing a safe, comprehensive after-school center for children with or without special needs, we will be able to engage them in social interaction, stimulate development and provide a level of care that gives parents peace of mind.

The ArtThread Foundation

We make art and creative expression more available to everyone, especially those impacted by social circumstance and physical limitations. ArtThread uses the universal reach of technology to inspire the creative process and enhance life-long learning.

Making Art Together!

ArtThread’s no-fail art-making tools provide a safe, inspiring, and immersive environment where everyone can create a masterpiece, and say “I made that!”

What we will do together: the ArtGrace Initiative

–Everyone deserves the opportunity to be creative
–Our program will offer a no-fail, safe and accessible environment for artistic expression
–Includes a way to share the art with families and the community
–Encourages self-determination and collaboration
–Provides 21st century tech skills
–Enhances educational outcomes
–Helps achieve the APFG goal: everyone gets to be happy, healthy, and hold a job

We need your help to cover costs of training our staff, acquiring the technology, and supporting our custom online gallery.

Your small investment will yield big results!  Thanks!