How will you use ArtThread?

The ArtThread Foundation creates pARTnerships with other organizations that seek to provide creative expression and enhanced life skills for their constituents. Like the saying goes, we don’t make your program, we make your program – and your sustainability – better. We create collaborative partnerships that yield positive outcomes for everyone involved. ArtThread is more than innovative technology – we provide proven training and research programs that fulfill missions and produce measurable results.

Become an ArtThread pARTner!

Our pARTners use ArtThread programming and technology to:

  • Provide a safe and supportive environment for creative expression
  • Instill confidence and self-determination
  • Improve educational outcomes
  • Strengthen curriculum
  • Learn 21st-century job skills
  • Build community
  • Kindle appreciation of the creative process
  • Create a body of artwork that becomes a valuable asset for everyone

ArtThread programming is delivered in four ways:

Technology: Our core applications are the ArtThread Interactive Online Gallery, customized for each pARTners needs, and our highly sophisticated, no-way-to-fail art-making program Splash! We offer these for a yearly license fee, and our TechGrant program supports organizations doing stellar work but who cannot afford the license.

Training: We offer many levels of training, from basic Gallery use and management to in-depth, curriculum-based programs like Work of Art and Colors of Care. ArtThread training prepares everyone in your organization to make full use of ArtThread resources. Our training gives your constituents an inspired way to tap into their creativity, and apply that to manifest courageous victories in their lives.

Research: ArtThread was founded as an in-patient research project, with over $1M in federal grant funding. Our faculty helps our pARTners design research protocols, produce survey instruments and analyze data, and assist in grant writing, al with the goal of helping you measure the outcomes of your interventions and programs.

Consulting: We have years of experience in advising other organizations about how to bring their programming into the 21st Century. Is your art program visible to the world? Can you connect with all your potential donors in a compelling way? Are your victories front and center? These are a few of the areas in which we help our pARTners to better fulfill their missions.

Contact ArtThread about becoming a pARTner!

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