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ArtThread and BNI

The ArtThread Foundation creates pARTnerships with other organizations that seek to empower their constituents with creative expression, adaptive art-making technology, and enhanced life skills. Like the saying goes, we don’t make your program, we make your program – and your sustainability – better. We create collaborative partnerships that yield positive outcomes for everyone involved. ArtThread is more than innovative technology – we provide proven training and research programs that fulfill missions and produce measurable results.

Here are a few ways BNI could support ArtThread:

  • Training: Many schools want to bring in the ArtThread team for live training in using the Gallery tools and integrating these into the curriculum. Providing support for ArtThread to conduct training in these schools can make a big difference!
  • Hardware:  Getting computers is always a challenge – help ArtThread bring 21st century technology into needy schools. This provides a platform for us to teach 21st century skills to the students, and it gives them a way to create connections with their families and their communities.
  • Applications: Customizing the ArtThread tools to work on a wide variety of mobile devices is a major goal of the Foundation. Supporting this ongoing process will allow people to access art-making and networking apps that are designed for success with specific populations.
  • Research: Outcomes-based research is the basis for getting more funding for schools and other child-oriented organizations. ArtThread provides a variety of research services, and supporting this effort will allow inspired researchers to discovery the true benefits of adding the creative process to learning, living, and healing.

And here are a few ways ArtThread can support BNI:

  • ArtThread Interactive Online Gallery: Our pARTners enjoy a dedicated and co-branded gallery that is a destination for creativity and connection.
  • Fundraising: ArtThread’s team can help organizations to leverage art as a fundraising tool, including Splash Parties and Art Round Robins.
  • Work of Art Program: ArtThread’s training program for merging art and entrepreneurship by offering creative expression, social networking, 21st century skill-building, and school-based enterprise.
  • Colors of Care Program: This program is designed to transform the culture and environment of assisted living facilities by offering a fresh solution to the need for communication, connection, and healthy expression for residents and their families.

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