Curricula & Training

ArtThread TrainingTraining cirricullum
ArtThread training programs include customized curricula and are provided in several ways:

Training the trainer: We train teachers, counselors, therapists, administrators, and other staff members, equipping them with the skills to train the “end-users” in your community. Class sizes are usually no larger than 12 people. These training sessions allow us to provide hands-on training to your key people,  empowering a new set of evangelists for your creative programming.

Direct, end-user training: ArtThread works directly with each member of your community – your residents, patients, students, or any participants. This provides a wonderful connection between our highly experience faculty and each person in your program. Depending on the skill level of your constituents, we can train from one to six people at a time.

In-person: The above training sessions are generally presented in half-day increments. Sessions include access to all our online training materials, including the Gallery Guide, Guide for Administrators, How-to videos, and online Help screens.

Web-based: Some pARTners have the capacity for webinar-based learning sessions. This is a good choice for follow-up training to refresh skills, answer questions, and ensure fidelity of training.