Your art may be selected for the cover of the 

Florida Rehabilitation Council (FRC) Annual Report

The purpose of this FRC Annual Report Cover Selection Contest is to showcase artists with disabilities as a part of promoting the successes the Council and Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) have achieved in helping people with disabilities.

Step One for entering the contest is to make art online using the ArtThread Foundation’s online artmaking tool Splash! The art you make with this innovative tool will become your submission to the contest.

Step Two is to save your art in the Splash app by choosing the three dots in the lower right corner, and then choosing the icon for saving. Give your art a name that starts with your initials (for example, RRmyart) and select “Download.” The art will be saved on your computer.

Step Three is to email your art as an attachment to That’s it!

Click the logo below to get started!


A few important details

To participate in the contest you must be a person with a disability over the age of 14 years.

The deadline for entering your art in the contest is [DATE].

The selected artist is not paid for participation and does not receive a prize or award outside of being recognized by a short biography in the annual report; however, the report and artwork selected are shared with rehabilitation councils throughout the country.

If your art is selected you will be required to sign a public relations waiver with the Vocational Rehab office and submit a short biography and picture of yourself. Disclosing one’s disability is not a requirement for the biography or to participate in the contest. The winning biography will be edited for grammar before publication.

All submissions will be collected by ArtThread for the Division’s use. Once the contest deadline has passed, the Division will review all applications. You will be notified about the winner by [DATE].

For more information please contact [CONTACT].

Thanks and good luck!

This piece of art was made with Splash!