Learn the fundamentals of 

BSII Transcend: An Incubator for Divine Creativity

Join Fred Johnson and Jay Klein for an exploration of sacred Breath…Sound…Imagery….and Introspection. Harness your creativity to make the desired changes in your life, and learn practical tools for everyday empowerment.

Through studying an elemental Mosaic of Breath, Sound, Imagery and Introspection you will be given a process that will reawaken in you a realization of a more deepened devotional relationship to infinite universal power while enriching your creative capacity to experience the NOW, manifest fullness in your daily life, and be in greater service to others.

Tap Into Your Full Creative Potential:

Your BSII Transcend sessions will focus on becoming aware and  learning to use our sacred breath. You’ll combine that intent with tone, words, and art as you learn to spontaneously manifest your spirit, your creativity, your truest soulful, joyous self!

    • Gain an experience/ritual that serves as a replicable model for daily spiritual deepening.
    • Learn five practical breath practices that can be utilized for increasing breath capacity, enhancing your energy and releasing and eliminating stress.
    • Discover the “Center of Infinity” movement practice.
    • Understand the fundamentals of the BSII Transcendence practice and apply this as the foundation for continuing your journey toward a more spiritually enriched, healthy, creative and abundantly fulfilling life.


Fred & Jay

Fred Johnson Fred Johnson

…a founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council, and a student of West African chantorial masters, travels the world helping people through sacred sound and breath discover a deeper inner peace. Johnson has been involved in the development of global programs in America, Europe and the Middle East, bringing people together from diversified spiritual and cultural backgrounds to create artistic forums for learning, sharing, reconciliation, vision and hope. In a one-of-a-kind workshop experience, Johnson inspires people to be conduits of justice, joy, truth and creative potential.

  Jay Klein

Jay Klein

… is a musician and the Founder and CEO of the ArtThread Foundation.  Jay has been presenting experiential workshops and seminars for the past decade, focusing on the power of creative expression to empower people to recognize their human potential. Jay believes that creative expression offers a path for us to learn small practical steps towards achieving our life’s true aspirations and purpose.

Fred Johnson


…is a life enrichment practice which combines a practical approach to awakening your natural creativity, offering tools and a process that enable you to create for yourself peace and tranquility as a foundation for living a healthy, prosperous, and Spirit filled life.


…is a process that is a new approach to applying ancient wisdom and teachings that are over 2000 years old in origin but contemporary in application. Through the many levels of the ritual of life, it is important to be awake to the opportunities, signs and guideposts along our journey which can awaken us to the unlimited potential that the gift of life affords. We have each been created and uniquely gifted to make our contribution to this life…to experience and realize to the fullest our creative potential, and to surpass and go beyond our ordinary perceived limits.


BSII gives you the capacity to do it!