A Quick Look at using Splash!

Originally created for ArtThread through the generosity of Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center, and the genius of the team at Electric Owl Studios, Splash! is an amazingly fun and sophisticated art tool. Designed for all ages and all abilities, Splash! gives everyone a moment of creativity and a chance for instant success.

Go ahead and jump in the pool! Just click anywhere to start painting. The program is designed to let you get going without knowing exactly how everything works. To get you started, here are a few of the basics.

The Main Splash Screen

Splash Screen
Brush Window: Pen

Here in the Brush Settings window, you can pick from all the Brush handles and Brush Heads. The combinations are almost endless!

The top square illustrates your chosen brush, and its animation, if you have any selected.

The next row shows all the possible Brush Handles: Pen (Draw with one brush head); Spring (Draw with multiple brush heads connected by springs); Wipe (Draw with multiple brush heads marching together); Grow/Shrink (Draw by expanding or reducing the brush); Shape (Draw with a shape or with an image you upload).

In this big section you can pick your Brush Head from a long list in the drop-down menu.

Next you can choose how to animate that Brush Head.

Choose the size of the brush and the speed of the animation.

In the Pen Settings section you can choose from a variety of pre-made patterns. It’s wild!

Here are the different controls in the settings for each of the Brush Handles

When you upload your own image to draw with, you’ll see it as one of the shapes in this window (upper left in the illustration).

Color Settings

Choose the color for drawing anywhere on the color wheel.

Choose how light or dark your color should be with the slider under the wheel.

Choose the opacity of your color with this slider.

Your color can be Solid or Animated. Change the speed of color change with the slider.

Your color animation can be Random. In this case, choose the number of random color Variations with the slider.

This window shows the the controls when you choose Animated color, and then Palettes. Pick a palette and as you draw your colors will only vary within that 5-color palette. So many to choose from!

Save your work and create a new canvas

Save all your wonderful art by clicking on the 3-dot menu in the lower right corner of the Splash screen and choosing the Save icon. This gives you a chance to name your art. Please choose Download and save the art to your computer. The ArtThread Gallery is under construction now, so don’t try that choice!

When you are ready to start a new drawing (make sure you save your art first!), click on the 3-dot menu in the lower right corner of the Splash screen and choose the + icon. Choose from one of the three different sizes for your canvas.

Here’s an example of art made with Splash!  Go for it and have fun!

Splash art!