What We Do

At the ArtThread Foundation we believe in the power of creative expression, from the developing child all the way to the elderly. We believe art and creative expression are critical for the emotional, intellectual and spiritual health of  the whole individual and therefore the entire community.

Through service, education, and research, the ArtThread Foundation makes art and creative expression readily available to those impacted by illness, physical limitations, or social consequence. ArtThread offers its services to healthcare facilities like Shriners Hospitals for Children, organizations that support people with disabilities like VSA arts of Florida, and education and research organizations like Miami-Dade Public Schools and the Early Learning Institute. We are aware that the arts and creativity are being de-prioritized within the classroom. By combining ArtThread technology and training with an elite team of dedicated teachers, we aim to refine and implement evidence-based practices that link creativity and art to more effective teaching for specific curricula. In this way we help teachers to measurably improve Common Core learning standards performance for their students. Those of us whose lives have been enriched and made whole by the arts understand that “everything that counts cannot always be counted.” The goal of the ArtThread Foundation is to show that art can be counted and counted on to positively impact the educational and emotional skills of students.

ArtThread provides easy to use, no-fail, expressive tools for creativity, supported by a multifaceted curriculum and training program. The program is used by children with health challenges and emotional, behavioral (EBD), and physical disabilities, along with their counselors, teachers, social workers, and artists in residence. ArtThread technology provides real-time data capture of important session metrics such as session length, time between sessions, tools and colors used, etc. ArtThread technology allows the integration of standardized measures in its applications as pre- and post-intervention measures.

The origins of the ArtThread Foundation and its novel approach trace back to NIH-funded research concerning the use of multimedia technology to reduce stress and improve communication between parents, caregivers, and the child with acute health challenges. In that study multimedia technology, art and creativity was employed as a facilitating tool with under-served children with acute health challenges for the purpose of increasing communication of their somatic symptoms and psychological state. The mean number of reports by the child increased by over 300% as compared to retrospective similar populations (Klein & Graham-Pole, 2006).

The ArtThread program is in use by over 3000 students and 150 teachers and counselors in 67 school districts by Project 10, a federally and state funded initiative for students with disabilities. Miami-Dade County Public Schools are using the ArtThread technology, training, and curriculum in a novel, evidence-based approach with high risk EBD students. Their research team will complete evaluation of various outcomes including absenteeism, behavioral incidents, and mood during 2014.

The Early Learning Institute of Sonoma County, California has launched a visionary pilot study to investigate the use of ArtThread technology to improve outcomes in their family therapy interventions. Around the corner or across the ocean, ArtThread technology nurtures creative expression and helps any organization perform their mission better by building connection, creativity, and community. ArtThread uses its technology to build a global art-based community that bolsters the individual spirit across cultural and language barriers, and puts art everywhere: home, work, in-patient and clinic settings, schools, and in community organizations.

The Foundation generates revenues through donors like you, corporate sponsors, subscription and licensing fees, training fees, grants, and the Gallery’s e-commerce features.

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